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Watercare specialists
Helping clients maintain their treatment programmes in the health industry.

Water storage tank cleaning
Our team will clean & sterilise all water storage tanks to meet government regulations.

Boiler tank cleaning
Full water treatment chemicals to combat scale & corrosion in steam or hot water boilers.

Cooling tank cleaning
Water tower cooling chemicals and legionella biocides.

Legionella prevention
Chemicals to combat legionella and water analysis.

Water softeners supply
Full range of our modern water softeners to suit all needs – industry and domestic.

Water softeners maintenance
We are experts in softener repair and planned maintenance service programmes.

Laboratory testing
Our testing laboratory is government certified with certificates issued for all testing. Free collection & bottle service.

Sterilisation services
Raw water mains inlet pipeworks sterilised to meet current health & safety requirements including water fountains.

Our history in this specialist field is over twenty years and we grow year on year.